London … and with one month to go, the Olympic Rings from Tower Bridge do not seem to be towering over the Thames as planned

With only one month to go before the London 2012 Olympics finally begin, Mayor Boris Johnson marked the event by lowering a large set of Olympic rings over the Thames from Tower Bridge last Wednesday. I was so excited by this I rushed down to Tower Bridge to see them that very evening … only to find that they had been folded away again:

Who has folded the rings away?

Well, at least I’m getting the chance to see them up close this way

The reason for this was because the bridge was soon to go up, so the rings had to be folded back to make sure they didn’t get in the way. They have been designed specially to do so whenever Tower Bridge needs to be raised.

The Olympic Rings directly above me …

… and a long drop down clearly below me.


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