London … strolling across the Capital with the adorable Wenlock and Mandeville (all 82 of them!)

I simply adore Wenlock and Mandeville, the official mascots for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. So, you can imagine my surprise and utter joy when I spotted these two familiar characters near Lambeth Bridge the other week:

Oh, I just love a mascot in uniform

Wenlock is so large here by Lambeth Bridge, he can actually hold the Shard in his hand

These are just a couple of over eighty two-metre high sculptures dotted around the Capital in various guises as guides to the Mayor of London’s Stroll: Discovery Trails. There are six specially themed and plotted trails presenting strollers with the best London has to offer without parting with a penny. One trail explores the beauty of Regent’s Park, another the buzz of Theatreland. There’s one that reveals the stunning architecture around Piccadilly and Oxford Street, and another that zig-zags through the famous markets of the East End. Wenlock and Mandeville act as sign-posts along the routes and will remain in their positions until the 9th of September when the Paralympic Games come to an end.

‘Victorian Wenlock’ in Victoria Tower Gardens. A stunning look, though probably inspired more by Mrs Beckham rather than by the 19th Century era

So, always up for a challenge, I have found them all and here they all are! Enjoy.


Meeting the Superhumans at the London 2012 Paralympic Games, and the possible sighting of a well known politician dressed up … as a chicken

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2 Responses to London … strolling across the Capital with the adorable Wenlock and Mandeville (all 82 of them!)

  1. Grsa Grsa says:

    I adore Wenlock and Mandeville. I too went to see them all and i even bought one on the online auction. He is great.

  2. Pat Ludden says:

    Myself and my 5 year old son Mark and my friend Aled set out at 6-45am on Saturday 11 August to visit and snap my son beside every single one of the 82 wedlock and man devilles in one day. We estimate we walked 30k and we got the job done by 7pm and then headed to the Lahore kebab house on umberston street for a much deserved celebration. We had an amazing day.

    Very best

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