Madrid’s Metro Signs … lost in translation?

I’m always intrigued by public signs (as previous posts will verify). They absolutely fascinate me. There were several dotted about the stations and trains of Madrid’s efficient Metro network that caught my eye during my trip to the city last month. Due to the movement of the trains and my excitement in capturing these photos, I’m afraid some of the images below are a bit blurred (sorry). But they should still be clear enough to see and interpret.

I may have however, misinterpreted the odd one:

Metro sign from Madrid Chorizo

Hold chorizo sausages under your arm when riding the escalator

Metro sign from Madrid Little People

Sitting-on-little-people area (an anti-socialist hotspot)

Metro sign from Madrid Scarf

Do not allow children to wear scarves (it’s warm enough in Madrid)

Metro sign from Madrid Thumbs Up

Thumbs-up signs prohibited (or just Bobby Ball not allowed on this train)

Metro sign from Madrid Boy Band

Boy Band Dance Formation Practice area

… and my favourite …

Metro sign from Madrid Dancing

Take caution when twerking on the platform

A less puerile blog on Madrid can be found at: Madrid … the Spanish word for ‘chic’


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