London … a horse, a Hirst and a real life magic money tree! It can only be ‘Sculpture in the City’ 2017

It’s summertime and Londoners can be certain of two things in the capital during the next few months: rain, and ‘Sculpture in the City’.

The free public art exhibition now in its seventh year, has firmly established itself as a fixed annual art event in the capital’s calendar. This year’s collection will be in place in and around the streets of the financial square mile for a much longer period than has been the case in previous years. Visitors can enjoy works by such critically acclaimed artists as Paul McCarthy, Ryan Gander  and Damien Hirst, any time day or night until May 2018. Access is absolutely free and unhindered by company security, opening hours or building restrictions.

As well as the images below, here is a short video I have put together of this year’s offerings… with the odd quip thrown in. Enjoy.



Gavin Turk, 2011

St-Botolph-without-Bishopsgate gardens

Fans of ‘Sculpture in the City’ will recognise this piece from last year. It is in fact now a permanent piece in St-Botolph-without-Bishopsgate gardens
PS the door is around two metres high. The lady in the shot is quite a distance behind it


The Black Horse

Mark Wallinger, 2015

Corner of Wormwood Street and Bishopsgate

Horsing around the place: even though located within London’s banking district, this stunning piece is surprisingly not in front of a branch of Lloyds Bank


Work No. 2814

Martin Creed, 2017


Prime Minister Theresa May will be thrilled to find this magic money tree on her own doorstep. Each plastic bag is worth five pence so this tree must have at least one pound’s worth on it. The UK’s public sector services are saved!


Never has there been such urgency, or The Eloquent and the Gaga

Ryan Gander, 2014


Looking at the title of this piece one can’t help but wonder whether Lady Gaga herself is actually inside the parcel… or whether she’ll be wearing it some day soon


Apple Tree Boy Apple Tree Girl

Paul McCarthy 2010



Black Shed Expanded

Nathaniel Rackowe, 2014/2016

Bury Court

This fabulous shed even smells like one – damp, musty and woody (it really does)

…but the lighting is nothing I’ve ever seen in a typical British garden shed

It certainly does ‘shed light’ on the whole thing (hawh hawh!)


4 Colours at 3 Metres High Situated Work

Daniel Buren, 2011

Creechurch Lane



Fernando Casasempere, 2017

Cunard Place

This reminds me of all those anti coca cola articles illustrating how much sugar is found in a can of pop


Tipping Point

Kevin Killen, 2016

The Leadenhall Building, Leadenhall Street

This installation can be enjoyed best at the beginning of my short film about this year’s exhibition. Just press play to see the section it features in.

The full four minute film can be viewed by clicking here.


Support for a Cloud

Mhairi Vari, 2017

Lloyds of London, Leadenhall Street & Lime Street

I can’t help but think of the Alien movies when I look upon these cocoons against the steel skeleton of the Lloyds building


Dreamy Bathroom

Gary Webb, 2014

Lime Street

I don’t know about this being a dreamy bathroom, but it certainly looks rather sweet with what looks like a Bertie Bassett sitting on top of it


Falling into Virtual Reality

Recycle Group, 2016

Leadenhall Market

Another piece from last year’s event, but it’s nice to see it again



Damien Hirst, 2008

Cullum Street

This ‘Temple’ is a body


Untitled x3

Bosco Sodi, 2012-15

Corner of Philpot Lane and Fenchurch Street

These are definitely the parts making up Bosco Sodi’s installation and not pieces that have fallen from the London Sky Garden rockery overhead


Envelope of Pulsation (For Leo)

Peter Randall-Page RA, 2017

Fenchurch Place

This piece is dedicated to the artist’s much loved late friend Leo. The stone used to make it came from a quarry Leo owned. There is a lot of love in this piece, which may explain the heart-shaped pattern across it



Karen Tang, 2014

Fenchurch Place

Ahhh… who could resist cuddling this adorable alien-animal-abstract er… thing? I couldn’t

More information about this year’s exhibition can be found on the official City of London ‘Sculpture in the City’ website here.


London’s sixth Sculpture in the City exhibition, 2016







…and the pieces making up Sculpture in the City, 2015  







The permanent collection of the Salzburg ‘Walk of Modern Art’ Project 






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