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Split … Marjan Hill and forest park: the lungs of Split, the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ playground, and the city zoo that appeared to be encouraging some rather odd cross-breeding

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Known as the ‘lungs of Split’, the 178 metre high hill of Marjan just west of Diocletian’s Palace and the Riva, rises next to the Croatian city’s harbour like a slightly bent knee from a leg in repose (for want … Continue reading

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Split … Diocletian’s Palace: Croatia’s answer to Pompeii

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Diocletian’s Palace in the heart of Split is the heart of Split. Locals today not only work within the ruins of the two-thousand-year old Roman palace but also live within them. Not so palatial these days, the site is now … Continue reading

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Split … from Roman Empire to Roman Catholic; the ultimate revenge on Christian-slaying emperor Diocletian

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After a rein of failed attempts to completely rid the Roman Empire of the early Christians (but he gave it a jolly good try), emperor Diocletian retired to the shores of what is now the Croatian city of Split. There, … Continue reading

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Split … stunning panoramic views and a potentially perilous ascent; climbing the Croatian belfry amongst the remains of Diocletian’s Palace

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Split’s Old Town belfry is the architectural equivalent of a cuckoo’s egg placed inside another bird’s nest; its height dwarfs everything around it, its girth scales down its immediate surroundings and although Romanesque in style, this bell tower post-dates its … Continue reading

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Split … Froggyland: the strangest, most bizarre exhibition I have ever seen in my life

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I have seen some strange things on my travels, but Froggyland in the Croatian city of Split has got to be the strangest and certainly the most bizarre to date. Hungarian taxidermist Ferenc Mere spent ten years of his life … Continue reading

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