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Antwerp … palatial train stations, precious metal overkill and a major public passageway where singing is forbidden: things to see, do and don’t in the sumptuous Flemish city

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Although my hotel was just around the corner from Antwerpen Centraal station, it took me several hours after first arriving in the Belgian city, to eventually check in to it. This was not due to any difficulty finding the hotel, … Continue reading

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Antwerp … how the beautiful Flemish city avoided being named after a fancy detail on a woman’s bra, and how the Virgin Mary helped some residents to avoid paying tax (allegedly)

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The lovely people of Antwerp, Belgium’s second largest city, are eternally devoted to local folklore. How else can one explain why they prefer to believe their city name derives from the slaying of a Flemish giant and not simply from an … Continue reading

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Brussels … creating sci-fi movie heaven (unintentionally) at the space age Atomium

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Not that I was there especially, but witnessing the first European solar eclipse of the century in the Belgian city of Antwerp didn’t look promising on the morning of 20th March 2015. Yet, at 10.30am local time and close to … Continue reading

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