London … setting the (ring) tone for new designs on the iconic British Red Phone Box

Imaginative replicas (with a twist) of Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s iconic British red telephone box have recently appeared (June 2012) all over London. These are part of the BT ArtBox project to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and forthcoming London 2012 Olympics. The designs will be auctioned off (13th – 23rd July 2012) to raise money for the charity support phone-line Childline as part of its own 25th year anniversary celebrations. Although a very worthwhile cause and I hope a lot of money is raised in the process, it’s such a shame that these designs couldn’t have become permanent fixtures on the London streets as they are just utterly marvellous.

Sadly, I didn’t find them all in time but I gave it my best shot, so here are all the designs I did find (also tweeted using the hashtag #BTArtBox). Please note: if you are easily bored (by my posts) then be warned, there are a lot of photos and typical TLT quips following.




Two years on (Summer 2014)  Books About Town 2014 Fiona Watt That's Not My Meerkat Rachel Wells Sarah Jane Richards side with St Pauls  it’s the turn of the humble park bench to get a makeover. See all the ‘Books About Town’ bookbenches here.

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  1. Another brilliant post for another very worthy cause! Thank you for publishing these excellent photo’s and the great shots you took of my Long Distance piece…though it looks like Gilbert was more interested in eating his lunch than smiling for the camera!

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