About the Lady in Question

Thank you ever so much for taking the time to peruse my humble blog. Contrary to some Google searches, I am not a card trick, diarist Johanna Schopenhauer nor the Countess of Dunois.

I am also not:

  • the beautiful Latvian model Ieva Lagūna wearing that elegant green low-cut dress as captured by photographer Koray Birand for Vogue (Greece) magazine in 2011. I have however on occasion worn tweeds, boots and a floppy hat on my travels and I always turn out well for dinner.
  • on Pinterest (that’s someone else)
  • a fat lady, a bag lady, the First Lady or Our Lady
  • “Viv” on Blogspot
  • a lonely heart from Austin, Texas
  • a travel dating agency regardless of how similar our URLs appear to be
  • a reviewer on Tripadvisor, although the website is my first port of call for travel advice and recommendations
  • the well dressed Katie engaged/married to the equally well attired Ben on YouTube. I do run “The Lady Travels” channel on YouTube and I am on Instagram, but under @_theladytravels_. Someone else nabbed the obvious Instagram name to accompany my website.

I believe my identity is actually irrelevant. I am simply a lady of habit, a bit of a snob, middle-ager, amateur photographer, struggling blogger, terrible speller, wannabe wit, “cultural sightseer” (according to The Guardian Online), an “anomaly” (according to the rather flattering article about me at Travelpulse.com), and proud Londoner born & bred who loves to explore the delights and oddities of Europe… preferably on my own. Although I do love to go on holiday with my darling partner, there is nothing quite like throwing oneself into the unknown for a touch of solo adventure and exhilaration every once in a while. This is not because I want to ‘find’ myself, more a case of wanting to take a break from myself and my everyday routine. It’s a revitalising and unashamedly selfish experience I recommend to all.

I voted for “REMAIN” during the EU Referendum on the 23rd of June 2016 because I wanted to retain freedom of movement – particularly for myself – across the continent. I was very disappointed (to say the least!) that the majority of my country chose to leave the EU instead. I am still, and always will be proud to be British, and I am not a ‘remoaner’. I have recovered from the initial shock now and accept that we have to leave the EU. The majority voted for it and democracy must prevail, so I do not want to hear about a second referendum! However, I do want to be able to continue crossing EU borders with relative ease, and to avoid any problems as a result of Brexit I have rummaged through my Celtic heritage and will be acquiring an additional Irish-EU passport in due course.

This website is made up of my own photos and videos that have greatly amused me from my travels abroad and in my hometown of London. My intention is merely to raise a smile and to share my amateur experiences rather than to pretend to be an authority on travel. There are no adverts, cookies (none that I am aware of), spam nor any nasty viruses on this site. The links I include on my blogs to other sites are for illustrative purposes only. I am not endorsing any sites, nor making any money from mentioning them. TheLadyTravels.com is simply a space for me to indulge in two of my greatest passions – to write (as best I can) and to travel (as much as possible) – and to admittedly show off a bit and hope you will like what you read (yes, I am vain too).

That said, although I love taking photos, I don’t particularly like taking photos of myself. As a result, there are no selfies of me anywhere on this website nor on any of my social media channels. The odd limb may occasionally appear in shot either to give a sense of scale or to illustrate how to straddle borders and be in more than one country at the same time which is one of my favourite travel past times.

The Drielandenpunt located 2km outside the Dutch town of Vaals. The obelisk marks the point where three European countries meet. My left foot is in Germany, my right foot is in Belgium and my necklace is in the Netherlands (that is not an euphemism by the way, although my necklace is rather long)

The Drielandenpunt located 2km outside the Dutch town of Vaals. The obelisk marks the point where three European countries meet. My left foot is in Germany, my right foot is in Belgium and my necklace is in the Netherlands (that is not an euphemism by the way, although my necklace is rather long)

So, I do hope you like what you find here and will leave a (nice) comment and/or come back again soon to read more. I tend to only blog a couple of times a month simply due to a lack of free time to do more. If you subscribe to my blog I promise not to bombard you with emails, will not email you anything non-blog related, and will certainly not pass your address on to anyone else.

I ramble away on Twitter and Facebook as well, so if you fancy joining me there instead I’d be truly honoured. Links to all my social media channels can be found at the top right hand corner of this page.

Lastly, you can email me at theladytravels@hotmail.com if you’d like to ask me anything or just fancy an e-chat.

Kind regards

TLT x    The lady behind The Lady Travels

PS – people have asked me about my site’s home header image. It’s of a sculpture entitled “Brindille” by Roselyne Conil. I spotted Brindille sunbathing along the French coast between Cassis and Bandol.

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  1. Giles Boardman says:

    Hello TLT,

    Thank you so much for featuring Elmer! I now appear on web searches as a sort-of-artist, as well as in my other more prosaic personae. I too am a bit of a snob and rather vain and find this extremely gratifying.

    Kindest regards

    PS Wilbur’s the black and white elephant, bottom right.


    Giles Boardman is the very-much-so artist behind “Elmer the Patchwork Elephant” bookbench, one of over fifty designs that were dotted around London during the Summer of 2014 to celebrate the city’s literary heritage. Elmer and all the other delightful bookbenches can be found here. TLT x

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