London … 2,012 hours to go before the Olympics begin and organisers pay tribute to comedy legend Kenny Everett

Yesterday, the Olympic stadium was officially opened with an event attended by 40,000 people to mark 2,012 hours to go before the London 2012 Olympics begin. Unfortunately, I did not have a ticket for the event, but I still popped down to Stratford to soak up the atmosphere.

I have to congratulate the organisers on their attempts to save money wherever possible in these austere times. Why spend millions of pounds the country doesn’t have on expensive dot matrix displays and huge, glossy signs to direct people to the stadium, when you can get Olympic volunteers to do this instead:

So that’s where all the ‘Golf Sale’ signs have gone

…. and this …

This charming French chap is not an enthusiastic Olympic reveller but an Olympic volunteer ushering people towards the stadium

Yes, Olympic organisers took inspiration from comedy legend Kenny Everett by using big foamy hands to point people in the right direction.

It’s over there

Enthusiastic volunteers were stationed everywhere, happily waving their hands in the direction of the stadium:

Volunteer Carole doing a fantastic job … with an equally fantastic smile

Nearly there … volunteer Irene getting everyone in the mood as they approach the stadium

Absolutely inspiring. Shame the weather wasn’t.

Only 2,012 hours left to get the weather right


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