London … remembering the London 1908 Olympics (and hoping to catch a glimpse of Alex Jones & Matt Baker in the process)

I was passing through White City early last week and with less than three weeks to go before the 2012 Olympics begin, it seemed rather fitting to take a photo of the memorial plaque marking the site of the first ever London Games held in 1908. Where the White City Olympic stadium once stood – widely known at the time as the ‘Great Stadium’ – is now a complex of (far less Olympic) buildings housing BBC offices and transmission studios. In fact, the plaque in question is situated up against the side of the studio that The One Show (BBC’s popular live magazine programme) transmits from every weeknight.

An enthusiastic crowd braving the rain to visit the site of the Great Olympic stadium of 1908 at White City watched over by the Stig (top left)) … or maybe they are just waiting for The One Show presenters Matt Baker and Alex Jones to make an appearance

We really were ‘Great’ Britain back then. Look at that medal table!

“This is the site of the finishing line of White City Stadium which hosted the 1908 Olympics”. Hopefully it wasn’t as wet.

I wonder whether the people behind Westfield are purposely paying homage to London Olympic sites by building huge stadium-sized shopping centres near them. The first Westfield site (officially opened ironically on the day the UK was officially declared to be in recession back in October 2008) is only a stone’s throw away from this plaque and line, and Westfield Stratford seems to be an unofficial gateway to the Olympic Park in the same area. (As the latter is in the East End, I often wonder why it wasn’t called Eastfield).

Trying not to forget the 1948 London Olympics.


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